How To Pick The Best Pillow for People With Neck Pain By Consumer Reports

Pillow is one of the causes of neck pain. The pillows that are too high or too low can lead to the wrong sleeping position which will make you suffer from neck pain and back pain when you wake up. This can affect your work and activities throughout the day.

As you know, sleeping is a necessary biological need. Unfortunately, neck pain can affect the duration and quality of sleep. So, how to root out this unpleasant hassle? The answer is to choose the appropriate pillow.

Keep reading this article to discover some useful tips to choose pillows for people with neck pain.

Do Not Choose Overly Low Pillows

Sleeping on low pillows is not good for your neck

The low pillows can make you feel quite comfortable in the first days of use but in fact, this choice is not beneficial to your health.

Prolonged sleep on low pillows causes a lot of blood flow to the brain which is the main reason of neck pain. In this position, the neck bone is not in the right position and will lead to neck fatigue. As a result, you may suffer from insomnia and easily get irritate and fatigue.

Moreover, continuous sleep with our low pillows will cause the spine to bend, leading to neck pain and stiffness, or dizziness, dizziness after waking up.

Do Not Choose Too High Pillows

Lying on high pillows can cause neck pain

So, lying on low pillow is not good for our neck then, can we lie on high pillows? According to health experts lying on high pillows is a harmful to  our health. Sleeping on the high pillow can also cause neck pain and discomfort which will interrupt our daily tasks.

Lying too high on the pillow causes damage to the heart, making it difficult for the heart to get blood to the brain. In addition, the choice of high pillows pinching the respiratory system in the neck, causing breathing difficulties and forming snoring is very uncomfortable for yourself and the person lying nearby.

Furthermore, when sleeping for a long time, the high pillow will affect sleep in many ways, leading to symptoms such as numbness, discomfort, neck pain and eventually leading to insomnia.

Do Not Choose Pillows That Are Too Soft

Sleeping on a too soft pillow is a bad choice

Many people like to sleep on a soft pillow because they think the softer the pillow is, the more comfortable it will be. However, a soft pillow will make your head sink deep into the middle of the pillow, in addition to the harmful effects of lying low, it also causes puffy eyes after waking up, as well as  a headache.

In addition, some people who lie on pillows that are too soft while sleeping have a habit of placing their hands under their heads. This posture is very bad because when we lie down, the nerves in our hands are pinched, causing numbness and soreness.

Choose Latex Pillow

Appropriate pillow to reduce neck pain

Latex pillows are recommended for people with neck pain, they should use a pillow made from young rubber by osteoarthritis experts. Why? Because this type of pillow works to support the neck and it has high elasticity which is best suits the curve of the body.

In addition, it has fixed ability, not to be moved or deformed no matter what position you are lying. This also helps ease aches and pains in the spine of the body.

Choose Infrared Pillow

Massage pillow for neck pain

This is also a good pillow for people with neck pain. It is made from safe synthetic rubber and plastic and there are the automatic massage beads inside. When lying down, these beans will create the most comfortable feeling by stimulating blood to help reduce neck pain, stretch the spine and minimize the compression of nerves.

Also, infrared pillow helps to improve blood circulation and metabolism thereby reducing stress, fatigue, helping the body to relax more. Unlike other normal sleeping pillows, this is exactly the type of pillow used to treat neck pain.


In conclusion, with these simple and easy tips to choose the pillow for people with neck pain, I think that your concern will surely be resolved.